Planning out the idea for my shirt design that my sister is helping me out with uvu feedback would be great ovo 

The moth is the Lunar Moth, the spider a Black Widow and the birds are Starlings 8D and obvious inspiration is from her tattoo.

Suzy Berhow Protection Squad reporting for duty!

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trash prince speaking the truth 

I really don’t know how to do backgrounds omf

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I…am so insanely jealous right now. (X)


arent parents supposed to not make you feel like shit 

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but stiles fucking with derek and taking advantage of his lack of werewolfy powers, though? stiles being a little shit and delightfully and loudly enjoying every little shortcomings derek now has because he’s (temporarily?) human.

stiles hiding behind the shower curtain and yelling in derek’s face to startle him.

derek gasps, backs up hurriedly against the sink and throws his toothbrush at him as a first response reflex. he swallows and chokes on a bit of toothpaste in the process and stiles runs away before derek has the time to properly recover.


stiles challenging derek to a race every day until he caves because he can’t stand hearing the question again and again.

"we start from here, we finish over there," stiles declares, pointing at vague landmarks around them.

derek crosses his arms, looking unsure. “it’s kind of a really short distan—”

stiles starts running before derek is even finished talking, and derek is forced to scramble after him, spluttering about “not being ready!” he still  catches up to him pretty easily but stiles quickens his pace at the last second and crosses the ‘finish line’ with both his arms raised. derek is right behind him, but yeah. he lost. suck it derek.

stiles collapses on the ground, breathing loud and disgusting like a dying horse. he really should exercise more, goddamn. he’s pretty sure he strained something. worth it.

"ha! not such a hot shot without your wolf powers, huh?" he heaves out.

derek is bent in half, hands on his knees. he looks way more composed and less sweaty than stiles is. he pants, “didn’t count. i would fucking win on a long distance run! and you cheated.”

"i won.”

derek rolls his eyes and doesn’t help him up, walks away, looking petulant and childish. stiles loves it and stays on the ground for a long time to catch his breath.


stiles purposefully whispering stupid stuff in scott’s ear just so he can watch derek squirm uncomfortably, straining to hear what’s being said.

"stop it," derek finally snaps. "what are you—are you talking about me?"

scott looks sheepish but unapologetic. he shrugs with one shoulder while stiles slowly backs away from him, smirking across the room at derek.

"woudn’t you like to know?" he says, trying his best to sound like a six year old.

"you’re a shithead," derek declares, turning away angrily to stare at his computer.

stiles smirks a little more, says nothing, and watches with delight the range of emotions he’s painted on derek’s face.


stiles asking his dad to teach derek how to shoot a gun. “he’s completely declawed,” he explains to him. “braeden taught him the basics, so he’s not totally useless but he’s still pretty ridiculous.”

stiles crashing the impromptu class the sheriff is giving by correcting derek’s stance with his body, tapping derek’s ankle with his foot, moving derek’s arms with his hands, plastering his chest against derek’s back to make him straighten up.

"it’s okay, dad, i got this," he announces magnanimously when his father stares at him, all squinty eyed. 

derek is absolutely rock still under stiles’s hands. “be sure to take some time to breathe after you aim. you have to take the shot as you exhale,” stiles says right against derek’s cheek, almost straight into his ear.

he takes a step back, so he’s certain that derek cannot hear or feel his beating heart or smell his sweat or whatever creepy shit werewolves do. he always has an adrenaline rush when he’s around guns, he doesn’t want derek to get like, the wrong idea or something.

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How to Train Your Dragon + Popular Tumblr Post

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WiFi: connected
Me: then fucking act like it
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yosuke always be like “am i gay for home boy???” yea yosuke u mad gay

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Collection of P4 protagonist art. I love drawing him as a huge dork. 

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The investigation team goes transparent :3

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